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Generation 3 Pace Tech electronics box for REFIMS. This  version includes additional capabilities for both electrospray and standard filament-based, electron impact ionization (card on right), fast, sensitive 2-D detection with a channel electron multiplier (CEM), and RF amplifiers for up to eight rotating poles (octopole design).  The PC/104 card stack resting on top left (normally inside the box, along with the electron impact ionization card) illustrates how easily we can jump to OEM designs for field portable applications.  Two front panel meters are included for monitoring detector current (electrometer output) and electron current on the filament.  Small panel lights are to indicate status of the electron impact ionization filament current and voltage, CEM detector high voltage, EMCO HV(electrospray mode), RF amplifiers, synthesizer, and CPU.  Front panel switches include program/run mode, PC/104 stack power and filament power.



In addition to the “Pace Tech SURFER” run program, Pace Tech will soon provide a MS Windows-based program called “WinSURFER” that will display acquired spectra and the running conditions of the RFMS system in an easy-to-use MS Windows format.   Spectra are expandable on both vertical and horizontal axes, and raw frequencies can be rapidly converted to amu with a mouse click.  Known peaks can be used to adjust the amu scaling by key entry after placing the cursor on the selected peak.  Spectrums can be printed or downloaded to a favorite graphics/spreadsheet program such as MS Excel or PSI Plot.  This program will be a ‘must’ for those wishing to view their acquired data immediately, whether in the lab or field.  Future useful programs will include a “look up” program that will access a user library of acquired standard spectra and display known peak positions and relative intensities within the “WinSURFER” program.



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